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Nornir is a deep tech company specialized in morphic distributed networking (Hive Collective) – which is a heterogeneous web network system that supports linking data among IoT and IoE morphic services. Synx Hive tools is to offer specialized developer techniques to develop heterogeneous distributed Real Time Web services. Further the Hive´s tools can interconnect and unify different private Hive networks to join the Real Time Web as well. The ultimate goal is to construct a global intelligent collective “brain” that any network resources can tap into and help mankind survive into the future.

Welcome to Real Time Web and the very last IT project.




Eternal widespread ownership of the web

At Real Time Web we see the Web (WWW) as the world’s biggest marketplace and an unparalleled platform for innovation.

We believe in a web that rewards and protects the interests of the ones who create value. We wish to make sure everyone has the best opportunity to develop their ideas and benefit from what they create. Our guiding principle is to allow eternal widespread ownership of the Web.

To better solve existing tasks and future development, we wish to fundamentally upgrade the Web, by adding new dimensions.



Enable an open ecosystem for for the Real Time Web – an intelligent network that will continuously evolve.

Through our technology, business model and philosophy we enable an open ecosystem for the Real Time Web (RTW) – an intelligent network that will continuously evolve. The ecosystem consists of network infrastructure, software and objects needed to efficiently manage and connect the physical world to the virtual world, and vice versa – in real time.

The Real Time Web has potential to become the standard of Internet of Things/Everything. Things have already been connected to the Web for decades. With the Real Time Web we provide a universal and streamlined way of connecting things, intended to boost innovation everywhere and to support the world’s creative economy.

With the Real Time Web one can easily link to things, in the same way as we already link to files and computers on the Web.

The more applications developed for the Real Time Web, the more the network grows, and the more resources will be available for further development.

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