Our Philosophy

for Real Time Web


Real Time Web Values

Everything we do is about empowering good forces. By good forces we mean people, companies and organisations who are passionate about what they do, considerate towards others and create something of real value. The opposite would be exploitive, cynical, greedy, anti-social and so on.

💗 Reciprocity

We depend on each other and the world around us. What we give, somehow comes back to us. By responding to positive actions, with positive actions, we create a friendly atmosphere around ourselves and what we do. This is a universal social principle, inherent in our company as well as in our technology.

👁️ Simplicity

Because we are engaged in complex matters, we recognise simplification to be fundamental. Through simplicity we make things possible, accessible and valuable.

👋 Community

Both in our company and in our partner network, we grow through our ability to cooperate and work as a team. Being adherents of the global open source community, we share our ideas and build upon each other.

An informal visionary

Our Brand Personality

Face to face, or by means of communication, Real Time Web has the appearance of an informal visionary. The company has clear ideas and solutions for bringing the Web to another level. However the focus is here and now, on what steps to take next and how everyone may take part.

If Real Time Web was a person, the following characteristics would apply:

🔓 Open

We emit a welcoming and including attitude. By being transparent, we build trust, which is the core of our network.

Our network let everyone collaborate and contribute. After all, the network consists of individual entities, investing their time, money and creative resources.

🎨 Creative

The Real Time Web is all about creating value and solving problems better. It should be obvious that we provide a treasurous toolbox for creative spirits everywhere.

We are a hub that facilitates and displays what is possible, to inspire further development.

💝 Generous

People understand that they get the most from developing in the sphere of Real Time Web.

We ensure the creators to maintain full ownership of what they make, and the majority of the revenue stream they generate.