Asset Management System with Hive Intelligence


On October 27, the two tech companies Nornir AS and qbee AS entered into a strategic collaboration to offer a new generation Asset Management System based on machine learning and Hive intelligence.

The collaboration is segregated into two main parts. First part is for internal use where Nornir will employ the asset management system to administer internal network resources that build up the Hive infrastructure. 

“ was developed to manage any type of Linux server or IoT device. Being able to support Nornir in their mission to create the Real Time Web (B2C) concept and managing their private Hive networks (B2B) is a unique way to showcase the flexibility our device management technology offers."

Second part is to embed the system into Nornir´s Hive Collective so it can be offered to network domain owners as a service. The new asset management system will be a state of the art solution where machine learning from Nornir can be integrated as part of the service offering. 

“Imagine you want to control assets from different technology platforms and bring them together without changing existing infrastructure. The Hive will connect the past, present and future and keep your digital assets under control in pure realtime. Together with qbee I believe Nornir can take on a larger role and offer better support to our customers.”

The asset management industry is one of the fastest growing markets in the world and is expected to reach $100 trillion in 2021. The industry is moving into the internet of things era which opens up new markets and opportunities where digital assets become intelligent and embedded into various additional representations like BIM models and Digital Twins.

One of the main benefits of using machine learning in asset management solutions is that the asset itselves tells the system when it needs to be replaced, who can replace it and when. Anything that can become autonomous to reduce cost and simplify management will be an important part of any asset management solution.

About qbee

qbee is a Norwegian software company delivering a SaaS device management solution for Linux and embedded Linux. This solution is used for various IoT projects such as asset management, remote access through the built-in VPN or over-the-air software updates.

A CVE vulnerability analysis ensures that systems managed with qbee are secure. In addition, a full monitoring solution gives detailed insights into the health of the system both in terms of metrics and other relevant properties.

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