Real Time Web Position

Real Time Web Position Universal building blocks Real Time Web operates in an emerging competitive market. It means that there are several vendors suggesting a similar problem, in different ways. The position we aim for is: Universal building blocks. To our knowledge nobody else can offer the same level of versatility or ability to build […]

Partner Objective

To bring the brand strategy to life and give it a flying start, we set four specific goals: Goal #1 – Revise profile and communication HOW TO DELIVER: Your business/company, concept and product portfolio are aligned with the brand strategy. Our target audience and the general public comprehend and take interest in what you do. […]

Are YOU the Target Audience?

Settlers chasing new opportunities Metaphorically speaking the Real Time Web is for settlers chasing new opportunities. We use this image to describe who we are here for and what we believe to be their shared mindset. To begin with the Real Time Web is an idea and a potential. But there is more, it is […]