Empower Good Forces

Endless Innovation


Permanent and widespread ownership of the Web

We believe in a web that rewards and protects the interests of those who create value. We aspire to ensure that everyone has the best opportunity to develop their ideas and benefit from their creations.

Our guiding principle is to enable universal and enduring ownership of the web.

In order to more effectively address current challenges and future advancements, we aim to fundamentally enhance the web by introducing new dimensions.


Enable an open ecosystem for the HIVE COLLECTIVE—an intelligent network that will continuously evolve

Through our technology, business model, and philosophy, we enable an open ecosystem for the HIVE COLLECTIVE – an intelligent network that will continuously evolve. The ecosystem encompasses network infrastructure, software, and objects necessary for efficiently managing and connecting the physical world to the virtual world, and vice versa, in real-time.

The HIVE COLLECTIVE has the potential to become the standard for the Internet of Things/Everything. Things have already been connected to the web for decades. With the HIVE COLLECTIVE, we provide a universal and streamlined method of connecting things, intended to catalyze innovation everywhere and support the world’s creative economy.

With the HIVE COLLECTIVE, one can easily link to things, much like how we already link to files and computers on the web.


Empower good forces

Everything we do is aimed at empowering positive influences. By ‘good forces,’ we mean individuals, companies, and organizations who are passionate about their work, considerate toward others, and create something of genuine value. Conversely, we oppose exploitative, cynical, greedy, and antisocial behavior.

Our core values are as follows:

Reciprocity: We recognize that we depend on each other and the world around us. What we give tends to come back to us. By responding to positive actions with positive actions, we cultivate a friendly atmosphere in our interactions and endeavors. This is a universal social principle, inherent in both our company culture and our technology.

Simplicity: Given our involvement in complex matters, we acknowledge the importance of simplicity as a fundamental principle. Through simplicity, we make things achievable, accessible, and valuable.

Community: Whether within our company or in the broader context, we believe in growth through cooperation and teamwork. As proponents of the global open-source community, we share our ideas and collaborate to build upon each other’s contributions.

Our team

We are your trusted partner known for unwavering support and our exceptional team of experts. With a dedicated and skilled workforce, we stand by your side every step of the way, ensuring your success.

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