Increasing Security and Digitalization of Aviation


Preparing for flights means planning hours in advance for any potential queues, security, and waiting issues.

Then when you land in another airport to find your transit flight, you race against time to catch the next flight before it leaves. After all the hassle that flying creates, airport authorities ask themselves, “Can we make any of this easier?”

Of course, they can! New advancements in IoT and Real Time infrastructure are allowing airports to find ways to improve revenues, increase security, and minimize the hassle felt by customers every step in the process. Where can IoT technology (and Nornir in particular) help?

Our expert technology is built around Private and Secure Real-Time Web for the Aviation sector. With relevant use cases to increase security, surveillance, and tracking, we offer you significant IoT opportunities, from improving the passenger experience to driving operational efficiency.

Arriving at the airport

Airports can introduce apps to their flyers which allow them to enable boarding passes to automatically open security, use services at airline lounges, and reach the boarding gates. One example of an IoT-based innovation in flying is how some airlines remove the check-in part of the process altogether and simply had customers receive a flight ticket the moment they enter the airport. Where Nornir can particularly add value is connect the app to the luggage and the boarding gate to notify the passenger of the status of the same.

Moving through the airport

And to ensure they can take advantage of airport facilities while making to their flight on time, Nornir-backed apps can provide personalized directions, directing them through the airport to restaurants and gates. They can be notified of the estimated waiting time at security checkpoints, and where and when to expect security.

Some of these services are already a reality in some airports. Airports being advised by Nornir are seeing how using sensors and beacons can reduce airport wait time with great success.


Smart security gates with automatic identification can allow people to pass through freely without waiting in airports such as Dubai. Anyone with a machine-readable passport can simply use the ‘smart’ gate and proceed. Nornir itself is developing technology for managing security where AI in security cameras detects movements and unusual behavior and allows security to only stop and question those people who may be a potential threat.

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