Subscription of shares in Nornir

Ordering of Shares in Nornir Holding org.ID 994 612 875 with subsidiary company Nornir AS org.ID 999 546 269

The Board of Directors of RTWI is authorized to carry out one or more share issues. In the notice of August 12, 2019 at the general meeting of Nornir Holding (old name: Real Time Web International AS), the board of the company stated:

The Board of Directors intends to provide an opportunity for other shareholders (those who are not covered by the private placement proposed) to subscribe for shares on the same terms as those provided for by the private placement.

Against this background and in accordance with the authorization of existing shareholders, the Board of Directors extends the following offer to subscribe for shares:

The following offers are given in terms of authorization:

“The share capital of Nornir Holding (old name: Real Time Web International AS) has been increased by a minimum of NOK 50,000 and a maximum of NOK 3,500,000. The nominal value of each share is NOK 0.10.

The Board of Directors sets the share price at NOK 0.54 per share. This prices the company at around NOK 59,680,209 distributed over 110,518,905 shares in total before the issue.

The capital increase applies to cash deposits or offsetting uncontested claims confirmed by the auditor. Settlement shall be made in accordance with the provisions of the Companies Act. The right to dividend for new shares is granted when payment for the shares has been received in the company’s bank account.”

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