Kindergarten children will have better language development with Artificial Intelligence (AI)


On November 21, EQ Inclusive and Nornir signed a collaboration to develop a research-based digital system for training emotional intelligence and speech signs for children aged 1-5 years.

The new system will help kindergarten employees and parents promote early language development through playful learning situations. Using AI from Nornir the educational exercises will follow the children’s individual learning curve.

According to Dyslexia Norway 20% of Norwegians do not have satisfactory reading and writing skills upon completing junior high school. The Stoltenberg committee (Stoltenbergutvalget) has stated that the large drop-out rate of 24% in upper secondary school can be traced back to as early as 1st grade in elementary school.

20% of Norwegians do not have satisfactory reading and writing skills upon completing junior high school

EQ Inclusive is a spin-off from EQ Institute. The institute runs therapy training for preschool teachers with a focus on EQ and established the certification of EQ kindergartens across Norway.

The aim of the collaboration is to look at opportunities to formalize competence-enhancing measures in kindergartens, so that the EQ Institute can reach a wider audience. The measures will also be able to stimulate mastery among parents with a foreign language, and in general help to create a better understanding of language development in kindergartens – especially in cases where there is a large competence gap among temporary staff and employees.

“I am very pleased to have the expertise of Nornir in this project. Artificial intelligence has become mainstream when I see how easily you can integrate with external sensors and toys in kindergartens."

For Nornir’s part, the collaboration involves using the Hive network to design architecture and infrastructure. The neural network provides the project with unique opportunities in machine learning, sensory science and data capture, which at the same time support the GDPR requirements for data sharing.

“This project is perhaps one of the most socially beneficial projects we have worked on in a long time. If you can help create security and mastery for children who are in a critical phase in life, then more people will have the opportunity to reach their true potential later in life.”

About EQ Inclusive

EQ Inclusive is a start-up company originating from the EQ Institute. The institute offers 3-year EQ therapy education and follow-up of kindergarten employees.

The EQ kindergarten’s vision is to promote children’s emotional intelligence (EQ) and thereby strengthen their language development and ability to build relationships. EQ Inclusive develops digital systems that promote life mastery among children as part of their language development.


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