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The Norwegian based deep tech company Nornir is launching a developer kit that can be used to develop prototypes and morphic services for Cioty Collective Hive.

The kit is built around the ESP32 module for easy access to the internet using your local WiFi. Included in the kit is also access to Cioty makerspace where developers can set up domains to create morphic services and assimilate their IoT devices into the Hive collective.

"This is a great opportunity to start developing morphic AI solutions. Development costs can be drastically reduced and the system does not require any programming skills."

Paal Kristian Levang, CEO Nornir Tweet

Cioty differs from traditional message queues and hub technologies. Joining the collective simplifies integration with other data providers using morphic approach.

Network resources like an IoT object, can become part of a greater Hive Mind where other developers can contribute to make it more intelligent. The resources will dynamically inherit behaviour from the Hive and device properties is only limited by its physical abilities. Like the number of sensors that are embedded or cpu size which determine how fast it can send or receive data.

The developer kit can be purchased at her->

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