Nornir acquires the building maintenance company Appollo


The acquisition strengthens Nornir’s smart city investment in property management, operation and maintenance, with a focus on artificial intelligence and autonomous processes.

Nornir and Appollo have collaborated for a long time on the development of data capture solutions for reporting management tasks. The acquisition enables further scaling for Appollo and further development of their services to meet ever-new requirements for integration between different back-end systems and IoT equipment. Nornir contributes with technology, development resources and capital to continue growth.

Property management software is an important part of Nornir’s core business. The Appollo team will become part of Nornir with key management positions to further develop leading autonomous solutions for current and future customers.

Photo: Øivind Mathisen (left) gives Paal Kristian Levang a handshake.
Photo: Atle Engen (left) and Paal Kristian Levang.

“The collaboration with Appollo has exceeded all expectations and I look forward to the continuation when we now consolidate technology and resources. We share the same philosophy that the customer is the first priority and that our task is to solve the challenges that arise in collaboration with the customers' internal expertise.”

“It will be exciting to join the journey and see how Nornir's technology improves how properties are managed in the future. We have great faith in Nornir HIVE and its ability to consolidate and simplify services in a market characterized by a large number of proprietary ecosystems.”

The acquisition will undergo a “Due Diligence” which is expected to be completed by Christmas time. The trade will have an accounting effect from 1 January 2023 if everything goes according to plan.

Appollo's mascot is joining the team!

About Appollo

Appollo IT Consulting supplies software solutions within the management, operation and maintenance of properties, as well as insurance solutions and fire book systems. Appollo currently manages over 3,600 buildings across the country, with Oslo Municipality as one of its largest customers.

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About Nornir

The company behind Nornir HIVE – the world’s first collective machine learning network. The network enables unification of IoT devices, data and functionality across vendors and ecosystems.

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