Norwegian eSourcing platform acquired by Nornir


Norwegian IoT operator, Nornir, expands its reach in the IoT space with its acquisition of the leading Norwegian eSourcing platform, iotnite.
Iotnite’s IoT marketplace compliments Nornir’s offering of heterogeneous AI networking technology for IoT and Smart City development. Further cementing Nornir’s ambition to become a global leader within AI-powered infrastructure.

Grants Nornir access to network of IoT vendors

This acquisition grants Nornir access to iotnite’s expanding network of IoT B2B vendors and customers, while providing iotnite with resources and technology – enabling future growth for their platform and vendors alike. Iotnite’s marketplace will continue as a stand-alone platform and its founders will stay on to secure iotnite’s continued success- backed by Nornir technology, capital and resources

“I’m impressed with the extensive network of partners iotnite has amassed within the IoT space.This is an ideal partnership for all parties and fits well with Nornir’s long term strategy and aim to become the leading smart city operator and IoT infrastructure provider.”

“Being acquired by Nornir is a confirmation of the work done so far, and strengthens our resolve to make iotnite the preferred platform for IoT products and services in Europe and USA. With access to Nornir’s resources, partners and HIVE technology, we can continue to grow with our vendors and push on to make iotnite a true powerhouse within IoT.”

About iotnite

Norway’s leading eSourcing platform for acquiring IoT services, in all verticals. Iotnite’s marketplace offers both plug-and-play IoT solutions and an array of components from which companies can build their own end-to-end solutions. To learn more about iotnite, visit

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