Nornir elects new board of directors


On the 8th of July 2022, Nornir Holding elected a new board of directors. The new board members’ expertise and network will help drive Nornir’s growth as it launches Nornir HIVE globally.

Focus on growth, organization building and commercial positioning

Nornir would first of all like to thank the departing board for their great service and guidance during their tenure. The appointment of the new board marks a new phase for Nornir Holding, as the company positions itself for a global launch and subsequent growth. Each new board member brings invaluable experience and expertise to the table, and compliment each other well. What ties them together is their competencies pertaining to organisation building, internationalisation, b2b market development and strong technical acumen.

The new board of directors

Dr. Asle K. Berger

Chairman of the board.  Holds a PHD in engineering, neural graphs and operations research. Self-proclaimed digital nomad of more than 50 years, having worked on four different continents, consulting on technologically transformative projects, mostly within oil and gas.


Christopher Ashby

Director of strategic partners at Atea Group. An experienced and successful entrepreneur, currently responsible for expanding and managing Atea’s strategic partner network. Has previously served on partner boards for companies like Dell, HP and VMware.


Paul Ehling

Professor of finance at BI Norwegian Business School. A funding director of the Center for Asset Pricing Research (CAPR), Paul has held visiting positions at institutions across the globe, as well as consulted corporations on matters of risk and capital management.


Elin S. Hauge

Business and AI strategy consultant, as well as professional AI speaker and panelist. Elin has worn several hats in corporate Norway while also mentoring 300+ European tech startup entrepreneurs, and serving on several successful tech scaleup boards.


Nils G. Roald

Sales Director EMEA at Pratexo. Educated telecom engineer with more than 20 years experience within sales, business development and product management. Current role at Pratexo involves industrial edge computing, IoT infrastructure and distributed micro clouds.


Ivar Låberg

Deputy board member. Ivar has been involved with ICT since teenage years and his merit speaks for itself, having implemented Pascal on the IBM mainframe and served for more than 10 years as developer and systems manager at The Norwegian National Hospital.


CEO and founder steps down as Chairman

Pål K. Levang has stepped down as chairman and passed the baton to veteran of the board and artificial neural network guru, Dr. Asle K. Berger. Dr. Berger has substantial experience within board work, business consulting and organisation building, as well as intimate knowledge of Nornir Holding’s technology, past, present and future. Ivar Låberg continues in his role as deputy board member and advisor.

“I am very happy with the newly appointed board of highly competent and experienced professionals. Stepping down as chairman has been my ambition for a long time, as it gives me the time and energy to focus fully on the day-to-day operation of the company. I have every confidence in this new board’s ability to lead Nornir in this next phase of our journey.”

- Paal Kristian Levang, CEO of Nornir Tweet

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