Nornir highlighted in Kapital article on AI


Nornir using AI in Building Maintenance projects

Kapital chose to highlight Nornir because the company is revolutionizing the IOT and BMS space with its AI and machine learning solutions. Nornir helps businesses optimize their systems, reduce costs and improve performance by giving them insightful information and recommendations. Nornir’s solutions enable companies to stay ahead in the ever-changing digital market.

AI connecting and automating the world

This trend has given rise to the internet of things and building maintenance systems. Moreover, controlling and analyzing the enormous amount of information generated by these technologies is becoming particularly complex. This is where Nornir comes in.

OpenAI leading AI movement

The popular AI services such as OpenAI’s DALL-E and ChatGPT, Norwegian finance magazine, Kapital, has taken a deeper look at some of the companies operating in the Norwegian artificial intelligence landscape. Nornir was highlighted for our utilization of AI and machine learning within the Internet of things and building maintenance systems space.

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Learn more about Nornir, and some of our ongoing projects with our partner, Appollo, including how we are helping to Oslo Kommune optimize their BMS infrastructure, and our trial project with Kirkelig Fellesråd i Oslo, aimed at making more energy-efficient churches.

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