MarConnect uses Nornir HIVE to save lives at sea


MarConnect has signed a deal with Norwegian IoT network provider, Nornir, to deliver the platform for MarConnect’s onboard network services, including their life saving sensor technology.

A step towards autonomous ships

MarConnect’s MarNet platform is built on Nornir’s HIVE technology and utilises a sophisticated network of sensors to provide systems and decision makers with relevant information in real time. MarConnect’s unique solution also permits peer-to-peer communication across existing systems, machinery and equipment, enabling smartification of otherwise analog ships and installations, laying the foundation for a fully autonomous future.

Reduces risk accidents, injuries and fatalities

Of 11.000 Norwegian professional fishers, an average of six have lost their lives yearly in work-related accidents in the last decade, with the numbers for accidents and injuries being much higher. Collisons, falling overboard and fire are the most common incidents. By utilising real time communication from sensors worn by the crew, MarConnect is able to significantly reduce the risk of accidents and dangerous situations. If and when an accident does occur, the solution contributes to the implementation of life-saving measures.

“MarConnect’s innovative solutions for a safer and more efficient maritime industry are inspiring and something we at Nornir are proud to be able to contribute to. This partnership showcases Nornir Hive’s versatility, even in a extremely demanding and challenging sector”

“Nornir is an indispensable partner for MarConnect, as their HIVE-technology enables the delivery of our products and services, with unmatched connectivity, reliability and precision"

About MarConnect

MarConnect develops technology that increases efficiency and safety in maritime industries and aims to drive the transition from outdated analog solutions to digital and automated solutions within fishing, global shipping and offshore.

About Nornir

Creator of Nornir HIVE, the world’s first collective machine learning network, enabling the seamless unification of data and devices in real time, regardless of protocol and proprietary systems.

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