Nornir is Honored to Receive EU Grants


The Norwegian “deep tech” company NORNIR has been awarded with grants from Horizon 2020 – the biggest EU Research and Innovation program ever – with nearly €80 billion of funding available over 7 years (2014 to 2020).

NORNIR takes part through the SME Instrument in the Enhanced EIC pilot – a pilot aiming to support top-class innovators, start-ups, small companies and researchers with bright ideas that are radically different from existing products, services or business models; are highly risky and have the potential to scale up internationally.

The project NORNIR is honored to receive grants for is named SYNX BIOS (project ID 855028). NORNIR has researched and developed the SYNX technology for many years; the project has been pilot tested in a real life environment in the city of Steinkjer, in collaboration with Innovation Norway and Steinkjer municipality. And through the years the project has received “SkatteFUNN” (20% yearly cost reduction) from the Norwegian research council.

"The next step is to make our product commercially available to all developers and intelligent entities. This grant will increase our chances for a successful launch and establishment in the market."

SYNX BIOS is a distributed kernel technology that enables developers to create IoT/AI solutions across domains and networks; and control their online services following the standard web topology. SYNX provides a quantum method in how data can be discovered and accessed in distributed networks, even if the data is transformed by third party data providers and accessed by unregistered online consumers and robots.

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