Nornir’s Intelligent Network Gets a Face from Friend


On September 9, the two Norwegian deep tech companies Nornir and Friend entered into a strategic collaboration to upgrade the Internet. Together, they will provide tools for heterogeneous network systems with support for the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Initially, the collaboration will be about delivering a solution to existing corporate customers, and if everything goes according to plan, it will be possible to scale the solution internationally through Nornir’s distributor and partner network.

"We are delighted that this collaboration has been formally put in place. There are two talented technology communities now teaming up to create a product that can compete with the best in the world. This is the Champions League in ICT"

The system will give Nornir’s new product Synx AIOS an outward face where users and network administrators can control ownership and access using Friends’ graphical interface. Something that will make data sharing, as well as the development of new solutions, much easier for service providers.

"I think the timing is right to integrate us with Friend. They've done a great job with the important things towards the end users. This allows us to find applications for data streams running through our AI / IoT network. There are also many opportunities in VR and remote control of robots where the user can control access when needed. ”

Friend and Nornir see great savings in streamlining integration and maintenance when technologies from many vendors should cross data securely. The data flow between equipment suppliers and service providers has always been a major challenge within the IoT space.

The collaboration means that Nornir makes its Real Time Web network available as part of Friend’s file system. This provides the Web with an operating system where the user can manage all their data streams from global web resources in one place.

Friend will act as a heterogeneous operating system for the entire web, which also includes physical products such as refrigerators, washing machines, alarms, cameras, meters and other smart equipment. It will be easier for developers to create composite services when all the data is available at just a click.

“The collaboration means that we can be a total supplier in the market; build a sustainable ecosystem and create a decentralized model for future IT deliveries. This will benefit all users when they can maintain control over smart physical assets as they become intelligent and live their own lives.”

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