Our Team


Paal Kristian Levang

CEO & Founder

30+ years on edge work experience within advanced software and hardware development. Founded and built several technology companies to success in recent years. Inventor of Synx BIOS full stack distributed operating system, the concept of Hive Mind Collective Network and introduction of Morphic Architecture Design (MAD).

Henrik Silverkant

CTO & Co-founder

20+ years of experience within the field of programming, IT-security and risk management for complex systems. Some of his work has been classified projects for governments, banks, insurance companies, such as ethical hacking, code review, design and consultancy. 


Hans Vidar Hanssen


25+ years of work experience from different positions within controlling and financial management. Various industry experience ranging from manufacturing companies, renewable energy to consulting.


Asveig Marie J Levang

Head of Design

Featured by DOGA (Design and Architecture Norway) as one of Norway’s most talented designers.

She loves to see the users grow into a project; to stop designing for a user and start designing with them.

Partner Contacts

Sabbir Hossain


Sabbir is working with Nornir beginning of his career and is always up to work to maintain relationships with customers by enhancing team performance and maximizing customer satisfaction by strategically managing calls and implementing processes.


Nazia Khawaja


Nazia is responsible for a variety of pertinent tasks and helps customers with invoice-related questions, coordination of activities, or other administrational queries.

She is passionate to deliver superior customer service while being a key player in the essential daily functions of Nornir.



Gaëtan Japy


A serial entrepreneur and venture capital investor focusing on purpose-driven disruptive technology innovation. Founder and Managing Director of Crucial Capital Partners in Ireland, an advisory firm enabling positive impact investments in transformative Cleantech solutions.


Al Jawhari


Al is an entrepreneur, Innovator and technology commercialisation expert with 20+ years of C-level experience. With 4 successful business exits Al is an internationally recognized business leader known for crafting the required strategic vision to achieve business goals offering a unique blend of leadership, innovation, executive acumen, global team-building, and credited with strong ROI and operational excellence.


Geir Lolleng


Senior lawyer and businessman doing consultancy work for small and big companies internatially. Provides quality advice in a highly cost-efficient manner for the clients.


John Kristian Solheim


20+ years of experience in management with a passion for sales & business development, operations & corporate governance and project management. 


Per Ravlo


Per Ravlo is educated at NHH in Bergen. During the late 1990s he worked in “Kredittilsynet” and in various brokerage houses. Since 2000, he has held various board positions in IT, exploration and real estate. Mr. Ravlo has extensive experience from domestic and foreign capital markets, and from contract negotiations and various financial instruments.

Dr Asle K Berger


Dr. of Engineering, Neurophs and Operation Research.

He been a tech visionary for 50 years, with a life career as Solver of complex Business-Technical problems, Tech Future Development and Trendsetter, with experience from all around the world.

The past 5 decades Dr@sle has 21 years of experience with Gemini Consulting and the Capgemini Group, and 18 years within Information and Communication Technology for the Norwegian Petroleum Industry, where he also was Head of IO at i.a. Statfjord, A, B, & C, Ekofisk, Gjøa and Johan Sverdrup fields. He was 15 years in Norconsult International and 8 years as part of Norwegian PetroleumConsultants Group.

Paul Ehling

Board Member

Paul Ehling is a professor of finance at BI Norwegian Business School in Oslo, Norway. Previously, He served on the faculty of the Pennsylvania State University. He received a PhD in Finance from HEC Lausanne and FAME in December 2003.

Ehling has advised numerous firms on corporate risk management, interest rate risk management, risk capital, and the pricing of derivatives.


Ivar Låberg


Cand. Real. Information Technology.

Ivar has deep tech knowledge and programming experience, and helps Nornir with strategic decisions. His career has been in the international Pascal-P development led by Wirth and Urs Amman of ETH. Ivar implemented the Pascal compiler on IBM mainframe, as documented in his Cand. Real. computer science thesis.

He has over 10 years of developer and systems management experience at The Norwegian national Hospital, and more than 25 years with the Capgemini group, with Norwegian and international Capgemini clients, requiring his knowledge of business and technical competence skills.



Jevgeni Glazunov

Software Developer

Jevgeni like to build distributed event-driven applications in areas such as IoT and blockchain. 

Nornir gives him the opportunity to work on challenging projects and solve industry problems in a new way.


Dennis Lee

Fullstack Developer

Dennis gets to decide his own career growth and trajectory, and his effort makes an impact on the company. 

Working environment and colleagues are awesome.


Bledjan Deda

Fullstack Developer

Bledjan is a software developer who likes to build the next web/mobile apps and with a passion in IoT and the gaming industry. 

At Nornir he has put his passion and ideas in to life


Sabina Mitraku

IoT developer

Sabina loves to work on devices and create things. In Nornir, she can experiment and try new technologies with new ways and approaches.


Saman Alam


Saman is a versatile designer, working mainly within UX and service field.

With a background in product design, she understands the importance of human interference and gives our technology the human touch.