To bring the brand strategy to life and give it a flying start, we set four specific goals:

HOW TO DELIVER: Your business/company, concept and product portfolio are aligned with the brand strategy. Our target audience and the general public comprehend and take interest in what you do. It should be very easy to get started, with necessary Nornir partner training programs and support, and even find inspiration.

HOW TO DELIVER: Everyone in your business/company and even the closest partners, adequately relates to the brand strategy. Each individual understands its role and contribution to the whole. All departments and business units play together seamlessly, telling the same story and delivering on the brand promise.

HOW TO DELIVER: Key influencers recommend the Real Time Web as the preferred platform for Internet of Things/Everything related issues. They emphasize both technological advantages as well as our business model and philosophy in their analyses and assessments.

The key influencers are to be found among our target audience, in leading tech press/blogosphere and consultancies, in business and financial media and relevant seminars/conferences. We are particularly to be embraced throughout the open source community.

Our Founder may be the personification of the Real Time Web, stressing how important each developer is, building and spreading the network. The Real Time Web is present on all continents, and a rapidly growing number of countries, cities and companies/organisations.

HOW TO DELIVER: As a newcomer and challenger to the IT- establishment, we believe you proving case by case that the Real Time Web is actually superior. By empowering creative and entrepreneurial spirits, and displaying their achievements, we aim to spark widespread inspiration.

Seeing is believing, and the more real life stories and victories you can report, the more people and companies will be engaged, and the network grows. The stories all have their original angle, but the moral is always the same: It’s because of The Real Time Web!

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