Real Time Web Position


Real Time Web Position

Universal building blocks

Real Time Web operates in an emerging competitive market. It means that there are several vendors suggesting a similar problem, in different ways. The position we aim for is: Universal building blocks.

To our knowledge nobody else can offer the same level of versatility or ability to build on each other’s applications.

Our Brand Promise

We let anyone connect anything to the present

Unlike traditional or alternative methods of connecting things and devices to the Web, by means of API and middleware with all its limitations, we let anyone connect anything to the present, through bi-directional linking. This is a whole new innovation game, which enables a shared, user friendly architecture for real time connection of all things, physical and virtual.

Whereas the Web is basically designed to collect, store and transmit linked files in a network, the Real Time Web is intrinsically a network designed to process the virtual and physical present of data. Just like mathematics lacked a concept of zero for a long time, the Web has lacked an elaborate concept of ‘Now’.

The Real Time Web does not store information, but it provides real time data within itself. The data can be accessed, managed and stored through the Web. The Real Time Web can operate as many instances – interconnected with or detached from the Web, on a wide range of carriers.

Brand Proof

Endless digital physical innovation

The reason why we can let anyone connect anything to the present, is that our ecosystem enables endless digital physical innovation.

We present four key features – all reasons to choose and commit to the Real Time Web:

From concepts like App Store and Google Play, we have learned that developers and manufacturers will invest their creativity and resources, where they recognize the most favorable infrastructure and business model. By embedding a billing engine into core web technology, we offer a new global marketplace on a level never seen before, with near infinite potential. We combine the strengths of the open source community, with the incentive of private ownership. Our concern is the vast opportunities it presents to each creator, and the added value they bring into the world. When they can all interact within the same framework and build on each other’s applications, we can hardly imagine the impact as the network effect gains traction.

With the increasing omnipresence of information technology and the profound role it plays in society, security is key priority. The foundation of the Real Time Web is developed by security experts with military background and standards. Precautions have been made to resist hacking and surveillance, to respect privacy and ownership, as well as safeguard transactions within the network.

Based on common RF specification for wireless sensor networking, and a wide protocol support, the Real Time Web is highly versatile and extremely redundant. The Real Time Web works as the ever expanding intersection between past, present and future applications. The technology is backwards compatible with the Web (WWW, as we know it), and can operate in intranet environments. The link to future applications is particularly innovative, as the ecosystem enables the network to define a need, which encourages others to provide a required data or application. It’s up to every owner to define transaction values in their data or application portfolio. The default value is zero.

Our invention bi-directional linking drastically reduces development cost (due to no need for API/middleware). More cost efficiency means less risk, increased innovation rate and even higher profit/margins. We supply the most cost efficient way to develop, maintain and update applications. Across categories, developers and manufacturers are given the means to effortlessly add value and monetize. Because we advocate their rights and ownership to what they create in our ecosystem, they will benefit from a predictable cost and revenue structure nobody else can match.

Brand Concept

Let us make things together!

The story about the Real Time Web is about facilitating creativity through a global network. Our ecosystem fundamentally lowers the technological and economical threshold to innovate. The result is massive business opportunities and real life problem solving.

The driving force behind the Real Time Web will be the increasing demand to connect the physical and virtual world. We address the same kind of creativity that Minecraft has people invest in their virtual worlds. Only in our case, creativity will successively impact the physical world. In our safe environment, making sure everyone gets their share, we encourage people to collaborate, test their ideas, develop applications and work on each other’s accomplishments.

Worth keeping in mind, is that all though the potential and our belief in the Real Time Web is unlimited, its success depend on these simple insights:

  • The creators must find out we exist and believe that we are the future​

  • Individuals need to realize we represent the biggest potential for them, and why it is true​

  • We enable and develop a platform/an ecosystem, it’s the creativity of our users that generates value​

We are excited to see where the creative community of the world will take the Real Time Web. After all, the network will expand through individuals and teams, passionate to make amazing things together.

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