Retrofitting IoT for Facility Management


Nornir brings the future of smart living to you and your residents. Unlike traditional methods of connecting devices or things to the Web, we help developers to connect anything, using bi-directional linking on Real Time Web. There are no limits to what you can achieve with our Synx Hive technology.

Many things that we take for granted that make our homes more comfortable and safer are also the ones that can have disastrous consequences when ignored. Take air conditioning for example. It makes summers more comfortable and enhance the quality of living. But there is a flipside.

Europe uses more electricity for cooling purposes than entire Africa uses for everything. The average American has an annual energy bill of $2000, of which cooling contributes the largest part. And 100 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions from cooling alone.

That’s why many smart home developers have come up with solutions for monitoring the power consumption of an entire building and automatic temperature adjustment to reduce and increase cooling based on the temperature. These solutions are costly and often require expensive installation and maintenance, while requiring to be connected using complex infrastructures. With the additional costs and additional power consumption from computer processing, it is uncertain if there are any net benefits. That’s where Nornir comes in to make the job easier.

With Synx tools, you can develop solutions like power consumption monitoring and temperature controls without the need to add more complexity to the existing system (servers, wiring, or other middleware). Synx Hive collective can connect sensors and monitors to your smartphone or PC directly end to end, taking out the costliest and difficult part of smart home solutions.

Cooling and power consumption are not the only areas where Synx can help managers of apartments and residential complexes. The potential goes much further.

Synx help developers to create predictive maintenance solutions and make the job of janitors a lot easier. Let’s say we plant sensors to monitor the amount of light, the humidity, and energy levels. Now the moment a light bulb burns out, or walls get frost damage, or power levels are low, janitors can be warned to come in and conduct maintenance immediately without losing time.

Synx tools allows developers to makes much more useful services with zero latency that can integrate with analytic engines and from there to any systems and applications that is part of a dynamical value chain. It does this within the GDPR regulation where all parties in the value chain can any time decide who and when get access to the data and the value chain can change without losing the control of the data. 

Are you worried that once you install a set of smart home upgrades, you will have to replace everything all over again when it becomes obsolete? No worries, as Synx technology is backwards and forwards compatible and can integrate with any smart home devices you need to replace as time goes by.

Do you manage an apartment complex and want to make it easier to find parking space or available bicycles? Developers can create systems that connects to parking spaces and bike locks so that residents can park their transportation smoothly and ensure that rental bikes are replaced as often as possible.

If you are a developer of smart home, or do building maintenance, or manage a residential complex, we want to help make your maintenance and security issues as smoothly as possible. That is why we encourage you to get in touch with us and ask how we can help.

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