Intelligent Infrastructure

for industrial IoT and smart city

Infrastructure as a Service

Let us operate your intelligent network, so you can focus on your business!

We monitor and maintain physical IoT infrastructure continuously. Keeping everything up to speed with the latest service offerings, data analytics, user management and security encryptions.

8 Major Benefits

With Nornir as your operator you will have both technical and operational benefits: 


Independent of middleware

Possible to remove middleware from third party providers.


Sharing data across domains

Services are semantically described and linkable, so data can be shared across domains.


Simplifies development

Building advanced IoT services with complex value chains becomes easy. Tests show 99% cost reduction on integration and maintenance.


Merging platforms and architectures

Existing Digital twin or Blockchain systems can easily be mapped and become part of the network.


Data transformation

Data warehouses, analytics and artificial intelligence services can be integrated and become part of the value chain.


Supports any wireless technology

Also future technologies can be added and roam between old and new equipment.


Independent of protocols

Communication and data models can change dynamically without breaking the network value chain.


No installations

Does not require any libraries, installation or deployment.

World's Simplest Student Kit

We have bundled up a nice ESP kit for IoT development.

The kit is a great way of getting started with Industry 5.0 and Nornir HIVE.

Create Your Prototype for Free

Want to play around with Nornir HIVE and give it a try? Get access to a limited demo network of Nornir HIVE at

Want to learn more about our operator services? Please send us a line!

Get support at Nornir Academy

Meet our developers and other like minded souls! This is the ultimate place to be for new stuff and tutorials on Nornir technology.